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Why Preem Laundry?

Preem Laundry is the same traditional green or hard bar soap consumers have always trusted - Superior quality, long lasting formula and strong foaming power. Bigger pack sizes (500g & 1kg), affordable pricing, brand recognitioning and availability makes for a value for money combination.

Why Preem All Purpose?

This multi-use soap provides the consumer with the cleaning properties of our legendary laundry bar and the strong foaming power of our beauty soap range. In a tough economical climate, consumers need a well priced, high quality soap that offers true value for money, wash for wash. Long lasting, lightly gragranced and made from only the best Palm Oil and Glycerine on offer.

Why Preem Hygiene?

The quest for cleaner; more hygienic and maximum protection by consumers led to the development of Preem Hygiene. We are proud to present Preem Active and Herbal to our range of hygiene body soaps. In addition to our proven base of Palm Oils & Glycerine we included the active ingredient, Triclosan, adding additional cleaning properties, removing germs.

Great quality, great price, great value.

Why Beauty Soap?

Consumers have always been attracted to the price, size and quality of Preem Beauty Soap. We now offer even more value, in addition to our proven base of Palm Oils and Glycerine we included Vitamin E and Rooibos. To maintain a great price point we introduce a 100g and 175g bar.

Great quality, great price, great value.

Why Preem Baby?

Affordability, Quality and Trust.

Palm Oil, Glycerine and natural parfume makes this a popular choice for consumers. Preem Baby is Dermatologically Certified. Mothers love the new easy to manage 100g pack size and find great value in the larger 175g.