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All Purpose. Tought on Dirt. Washes away Germs.

Preem introduces two variants in our all new, All Purpose Range. Original and Hygiene.

The range was developed Inline with our new Preem look and value sizes.

Making up this 400 gram value pack is 2 x 200g bars.

We pack 40 Bars per carton. [One Frangrance per Carton.].

This market specific range will be available throughout retail and wholesale.

Pack Sizes

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All Purpose Original Preem


All Purpose Hygiene Preem

All Purpose. All the time.

Combining the best of both worlds.

Introducing hardworking, hygienic, yet mild, Preem All Purpose Soap.

With our strong foaming power, Preem All Purpose Original is tough on dirt, removes laundry stains, cleans greasy cutlery and wipes away grime.

The active ingredient in our Hygiene Soap is strong enough to wash away germs, leaving your home clean looking and healthy smelling.

Preem, the great all family, All Purpose soap.