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Beauty Soap. Nourishing.

This all-embracing beauty collection offer soothing relaxation, sustenance and protection.

The range of three variants comprise of an ease of use 100g bar [previously 125g and a bulkier 175g value bar, previously 200g].

In addition to Glycerine and Palm Oil we added Rooibos and Vitamin E to our Essential and Original variants.

100g we pack 48 Bars per carton. 12 packs of 12 units per shrink. [One Frangrance per Carton.].

175g we pack 72 Bars per carton. 12 packs of 6 units per shrink. [One Frangrance per Carton.].

This range will be available throughout retail and wholesale trade.

Pack Sizes

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Original Beauty Preem


Essential Beauty Preem

Evening Gold

Evening Gold Beauty Preem

Nourishing Beauty

Original - with Vitamin E, Palm Oil and Glycerine.

Providing your skin with natural protection against the harsh elements - yet leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh all day long.

Essential - a Rooibos enriched soap with natural Palm Oils. Rooibos is known for it's natural antioxidant properties and soothing effect on skin irritations. Used in combination with Palm Oil to moisturize, restore and revitalise.

Evening Gold - a blend of aromas, uniquely enriched with natural oils to gently restore and uplift. This soap is dermatologically tested and approved by independent cosmetic laboratories, making it agreeable to all skin types.