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Hygiene. Washes away Germs.

Preem introduces two variants in our new Hygiene Range. Active and Herbal.

The range was developed inline with our new Preem look and value pack sizes.

12 Packs of 12 units each of 100g bars in a carton. [One Frangrance per Carton.].

12 Packs of 6 units each of 175g bars in a carton. [One Frangrance per Carton.].

Pack Sizes

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Active Preem


Herbal Preem

Hygienically clean

Preem Hygiene Soap contains moisturizers that are soft and gentle on the skin, while the active ingredient cleans away dirt and germs, offering protection for you and your family.

Preem Hygiene - Active is especiallu formulated for people with an active lifestyle, providing natural protection - leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh 24 hours a day.

Preem Hygiene - Herbal captures a unique blend of forest herbs, natural oils, glycerine and moisturizers, gently combined to leave your skin feeling calm, clean and fresh.